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Your Journey Home.


1) Initial Conversation

Your first visit to Home Within will start with an initial conversation that dives into your health history, your path to healing & your goals and expectations with receiving chiropractic care. Dr. Morgan honors the bumpy path that led you to this point, and supports you in your decision to walk a smoother path that leads you back home to yourself. She will take the time to explain how and why she works with the nervous system and answer any questions you may have about your care at Home Within.

2) New Practice Member Exam

After any and all questions have been addressed, Dr. Morgan will use this time to observe and assess your structural function and nervous system state. As human beings, we all walk our own paths through life full of twists and turns. Our bodies store experiences along the way in you nervous system, thus developing a pattern that serves as the way we respond & adapt to future experiences. Through various tests and observations, this exam provides a snapshot of how your body has adapted and uncovers patterns that may or may not be serving you now as you heal through life.

3) Gentle Adjustment

Following your initial exam, you will receive your first adjustment at Home Within on your first visit. You can equate an adjustment to a software update for your nervous system. Dr. Morgan works with the innate healing ability that your body possesses as she has a "conversation" with your nervous system. She listens to where its at and what it needs in that moments and provides gentle suggestions and reminders as it adapts, releases and reorganizes to better serve you.


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