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Your Questions.


Do you accept insurance?

No. We don't work directly with any insurance companies. In general, insurance is not focused on preventative care or wellness services. Further, we do not want insurance providers dictating the care that you receive at Home Within. The chiropractic care provided in this space is focused on you and your family, not your insurance provider, and our pricing reflects that. We accept FSA and HSA forms of payments and can provide you with an itemized receipt if you wish to file for reimbursement on your own.

How often do I need to come in?

Chiropractic adjustments are designed to help your body better adapt to stress and process experiences we may be holding in our nervous systems. Consistency and chiropractic go hand in hand. We think of your care here as an unwinding process as you reconnect back with your true essence. Every body is different, every healing path is different, and Dr. Morgan will make recommendations personalized to you. Ultimately, your care at Home Within is exactly that; yours. So you will be encouraged and supported to make choices that feel best for you.

What are your prices?

Initial Conversation & Exam = $95

First Adjustment = $55

Single Adjustment = $55

Individual Packages

6 visits = $300

12 visits = $480

Wellness Membership = $165 monthly

Family Packages

8 visits = $360

12 visits = $450

20 visits = $600

Family Wellness Membership = $220 monthly (2 people)

Family Wellness Membership = $275 monthly (3 people)

Family Wellness Membership = $300 monthly (4+ people)

Why chiropractic during pregnancy & when should I come in?

More and more birthing people are choosing chiropractic during their pregnancies to support their body as it goes through so many changes. Dr. Morgan is Webster Certified which means she has additional training in assessing and adjusting the pelvic bones, muscles and ligaments. Prenatal chiropractic means more comfort for mama, more space and better positioning for baby, and clearer communication throughout the nervous system which can help support a smooth birth process. It is never too early in pregnancy to start chiropractic care, and if you're further along and reading this, it is never too late, either! (Reach out to ask us about how chiropractic care can support your body while open or trying to conceive.)

Why would a baby receive chiropractic & at what age can they come in?

Children, babies and newborns all can be seen at Home Within as early as your feel comfortable bringing them in. Dr. Morgan has worked with babies who are just a few days old. Some parents get their healthy little babies checked by a chiropractor to ensure their body and nervous system is adapting the best it can to the newness of life and healing from the stresses of birth. Other parents bring their babies in for specific reasons such as trouble breastfeeding or latching, colic, reflux, baby favoring one side turning their head, tongue or lip tie revision supports, etc. Feel free to reach out with any specific questions you may have about gentle adjustments for newborns, babies and children.

How soon after giving birth can I get adjusted?

There is no such things as getting checked and adjusted too soon after giving birth. However, Dr. Morgan always honors and respects the "lying in" period when mama rests, recovers, heals and bonds with baby at home. The postpartum experience can be a beautiful, messy, amazing, hard, constantly changing learning curve for the whole family. Dr. Morgan always focused her care during pregnancy, and then she gave birth herself and realized that supporting the body after birth may be even more important! Wherever you are at in your journey through motherhood, through parenthood, through will find your home here.

Where is your office located?

Home Within is located at 21630 N 19th Ave Ste B-17 in Phoenix, AZ 85027. When arriving at Home Within, you will want to park at the south side of the biulding, near the leasing office. There will be a gate on the south side of the building. After entering through the gate, you will go through the first door on your left, leading you into a foyer where Home Within will be straight ahead.

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