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"The adjustments always helped remind me that my body was stronger than I knew and with care and comfort, I had all the power I needed to give birth." 

When Taryn was first referred to Dr. Morgan, she was experiencing a lot of pain and discomfort that came along with her second trimester of pregnancy.

"I had a hard time walking or putting any pressure on my right leg beginning in my 6th month. Every step felt like my hip was wrenching in the wrong direction. I was so glad to find Dr. Morgan and felt better immediately. I also experienced feeling lighter and like the baby had more room in there. My belly felt like it was more centered to my body, making it easier to carry. I was so relieved to know that I did not have to endure that pain everyday for the rest of my pregnancy."

By establishing balance and proper motion in the pelvis and hips, Taryn felt more and more comfortable in her body even as her belly grew and her pregnancy progressed. She continued seeing Dr. Morgan throughout the rest of her pregnancy because she wanted to give her body all the care and support that she could.


"I loved that there was something I could do for my body that made it easier for my body to care for my baby. Each visit gave me such relief  and I was happy to be pain free. I love the care I received from Dr. Morgan because it felt especially nurturing to both baby and me. During pregnancy, it was important to me to stay active. Dr. Morgan helped me achieve that by helping my body stay free of aches and pains. Being able to maintain that active pregnancy gave me so much confidence in my own body while preparing for birth."

Taryn had such a great mindset during her pregnancy and into her birth experience. Even though things weren't always perfect, she always felt grateful for the experience.

"I loved being pregnant. Even when things were uncomfortable and even when things downright hurt, I loved being pregnant. I knew that the pain was temporary and would be relieved soon. Pregnancy just felt magical to me, and birth was no different. Because of the baby's position (posterior facing), I labored for a very long time (56 hours after my water broke). I labored for hours with the addition of misoprostol and then with the addition of pitocin. During the second night of labor, I finally had had enough. I knew that if I could just relax, my body could finish the work of moving the baby. I requested an epidural and after it was administered, I immediately fell asleep. The doula attending my birth helped move my body into different positions throughout the night to help turn the baby around. I woke up after a glorious 6 hours of sleep and was relieved that I was fully dilated. I pushed while the midwife checked my cervix and was able to move the baby a half of a centimeter during that first push. She asked me if I wanted to push now or wait a while longer and get some more rest. After all that I had been through the last couple of days, I was done waiting. There was an incredible group of women midwives and nurses attending to me alongside my doula and my husband. I felt so supported, powerful and loved through the whole experience. I pushed for an hour and out come our baby. I was shocked! The baby was real! After being pregnant for all that time, it was so surreal to see a real baby at the end. The nurses showed the baby to my husband, who cried through announcing that we had a girl. They put her on my chest and it felt as though I had known this tiny person my whole life."

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