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"Aches and pains during pregnancy are common but do not have to be normal. Keeping balance in the pelvis ensures there is optimal room for baby to grow and decreases the likelihood of pain for the mother"

"I have been under chiropractic care since I was 14 and there was no question whether or not I would continue to get care. I began seeing Dr. Morgan because she specializes in chiropractic care during the perinatal period. I received chiropractic care throughout both of my pregnancies, so I do not have a comparison for myself. However, I know that my pregnancies compared to my friends has been dramatically different – I had less aches and pains and shorter labor times."

Having experienced chiropractic care from a young age and knowing the benefits of chiropractic care, Morgan was consistent with her weekly visits. Her body was fully supported and ready to adapt to all of the changes that occur during pregnancy and after birth, and she could tell a difference after each visit with Dr. Morgan.

"I felt better following each adjustment – I could breathe easier, I could walk comfortably, any aches or pains I might have had were gone, and my mind always felt clearer. I also really enjoyed the conversations I had every time regarding chiropractic care and the health of the body."

When it came time for Morgan's body to start the birth process, she was prepared both mentally and physically.

"My baby was born on A Sunday at 40 weeks 4 days. Two days prior I had gotten adjusted by Dr. Morgan. Contractions began around 2 am and progressively got more intense. I labored on my exercise ball and spent some time in the shower. I was giving birth with a midwife at a hospital, so we headed for the hospital around 6 am when I felt like things were moving along. I had heard second babies are born more quickly than firsts and didn’t want to risk having a baby on the side of the road! I was dilated enough that I was admitted, and again I labored in the shower, rocked on a ball, and walked around the room. When contractions would build, I either swayed around or would sit on the ball and my husband would rub my low back (which felt amazing). Sometime after 12 pm, my midwife had me kneel on the bed, resting my arms and head on the bedframe. She coached me on my breath and encouraged me to make sound as my baby began descending. My water broke then, and my baby arrived after about 10 minutes of intentional pushing at 12:41 pm – he was a healthy little boy and we were so happy to finally meet him!"

Given her experiences with her two pregnancies and receiving chiropractic care, it is no question that Morgan always recommends that pregnant women, or women trying to get pregnant in the near future find a chiropractor to add to their health team!

"Getting chiropractic care is about more than pain, it's about the health of the mother’s nervous system as her body grows and nurtures her baby. Adjustments maintain the brain-body connection, which keeps function of the mother’s body heightened. Comfortable pregnancies and shorter labor times are just two reasons why a pregnant woman should seek out a chiropractor."

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