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“I believe the chiropractic care during my second pregnancy prepared me to deliver my baby naturally. That's why I was able to have the baby at home, quick and 'easy'.”

​Chia-Ling began seeing Dr. Morgan during her second pregnancy when she began experiencing discomfort. 

“I had lower back pain this pregnancy before receiving chiropractic care. This was the main reason for me to seek chiropractic care. The lower back pain disappeared within one month after regular adjustments and it never came back throughout the whole rest of pregnancy.”

Although a more comfortable pregnancy was her reason for seeking care, Chia-Ling realized there were many benefits to receiving prenatal adjustments.


“I feel fortunate that Dr. Morgan took care of me during my second pregnancy. I loved the gentle touch on my belly that made me feel that not only me, but also the unborn baby were receiving care. Also, whenever I had any concerns or questions about the baby, tests, delivery, etc. I always got the best suggestions and answers in a holistic approach from Dr. Morgan, who I value much more than the regular OBGYN.”

Chia-Ling had a relatively smooth delivery with her first baby. She started contractions around 2-3am, got to the hospital around 4pm and was already dilated to 7cm. She waited for her water to break naturally, then allowed the nurse to break her waters around 6:30pm to speed up the process. As soon as her waters broke, things progressed very fast and the baby was out in three pushes. She had been told that the second baby would come out faster than the first, but she didn't know just how fast it would be!


 “My contractions started around 3am with 5-6 minutes rest in between. When getting ready to go to the hospital, my water broke around 4am. I took a quick shower before heading out. When putting on my shoes to get ready to step out, I felt a huge pain and I was not able to stand still. I kneeled down and felt the baby was dropping. Within seconds, she was out! I did not need to do any pushes at all and we had our second daughter born at home. It was an unplanned home birth, but everything was nice and smooth.”

Chia-Ling's body knew exactly what it needed to do and when it needed to do it. It was this intelligence within her that brought her beautiful baby girl into the hands of her and her husband in the most natural way possible! Chia-Ling continues to receive chiropractic care postpartum as her body adapts after giving birth. Her two daughters get adjusted regularly, as well! 

 “I would recommend that every pregnant woman seek chiropractic care. However, not every chiropractor performs the same quality care as Dr. Morgan. Thus, be sure to find quality chiropractors who specialize in infants and pregnant women.”

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